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Prepare your industry for the next generation

The manufacturing industry is currently undergoing a shift in generations with baby boomers retiring. At the same time, the younger generation is showing very little interest in working within the industry. A lean, clean and green industry does not only earn more money – they also earn better employees, stronger organizations and smarter minds. Here are five areas on what to focus on in order to create a workplace that attracts the younger generations.

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The future of the industry is sustainable

A growing number of industries and companies are working on their sustainability strategies and ways to take their responsibility. Partly because of the need for it in a world where we currently use 70 % more natural resources than the earth can regenerate in a year, but also to be desirable and sought after by investors, customers and other stakeholders. Some even go as far as saying that sustainable production and development is now spreading as a “common practice” and therefore may be a necessity for a business’ survival. But where do you start and what actions can you take, big or small, to be a part of creating a more sustainable industry?

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Plastic pollution and the responsibility of the industry

Over the past 70 years more than 8.3 billion tons of plastic has been produced. And only 9 % has been recycled. To reduce the obscene amount of newly produced plastic, to clean up what has already been dumped, and to find ways to reuse this plastic are three major challenges we are currently facing. All over the world there are good initiatives from people taking action. But what about the responsibility of the industry? The ones who actually have the power to make the biggest environmental difference by creating a smarter and greener industry.

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Benefits of industrial automation

The world of today has become increasingly interconnected and consumers have become more aware and pickier in their selection of goods. This is forcing companies and manufacturers to become more productive and deliver better quality products in less time while leaving a smaller footprint behind. And modern industry must adapt. One of the solutions to the industry becoming more efficient, safe and smart is industrial automation, which also happens to come with many other benefits.

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Successful man-machine collaboration

It is a common misconception that machines eventually will replace all humans in manufacturing. As a key for a successful industry, extensive research now shows that we instead need to find ways to collaborate. To develop lean production we need smarter use of what humans and machines may do, doing it together.

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Making money in the finish

In a near future, manufacturing not only saves money, it also uses less chemicals and needs less floor space. Choosing to use industry 4.0 systems and digitalisation is about saving the planet, but it’s just as much about being competitive in your own segment. In short, all the above factors are keys for a successful industry.

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