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Solutions for the industry of tomorrow

Everyone talks about sustainability. For us at OCS, it is not just a word or something passing. It’s about taking responsibility – right now and for future generations. We are part of a strong family business with more than 140 years of experience, working with a long-term focus in everything we do.

Modern industry of all segments is driven by three parameters. Efficient and flexible production processes, an ergonomic and clean production and an overall concern for sustainability, balancing energy and resources in order not to adversely affect the environment. We have chosen to call these three success factors LEAN, CLEAN & GREEN.

As part of Axel Johnson International we have a clear strategy on how to drive sustainable business. This involves everything from how we define our customer offering through the actions of our organization, to how we chose suppliers and produce and deliver our products and solutions. We are working with three focus areas in mind that are crucial to our business success and in which we have the possibility to make an impact:

Lean, Clean & Green News

Prepare your industry for the next generation

The manufacturing industry is currently undergoing a shift in generations with baby boomers retiring. At the same time, the younger generation is showing very little interest in working within the industry. A lean, clean and green industry does not only ... Zjistit více

The future of the industry is sustainable

A growing number of industries and companies are working on their sustainability strategies and ways to take their responsibility. Partly because of the need for it in a world where we currently use 70 % more natural resources than ... Zjistit více

Plastic pollution and the responsibility of the industry

Over the past 70 years more than 8.3 billion tons of plastic has been produced. And only 9 % has been recycled. To reduce the obscene amount of newly produced plastic, to clean up what has already been dumped, ... Zjistit více
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